At Reprise, data is the fuel that drives us, and you, forward. By seeding data throughout a digital campaign, from ideation and audience selection, to optimization and measurement, we reveal patterns and insights no one else sees. We partner with you to focus on quantitative measurement frameworks that drive business outcomes.



We investigate your entire analytics setup, look for areas of improvement, identify where things are not working, and suggest the latest upgrades to maximize data collection accuracy and value.

We investigate your website to aid in goal measurement and understanding how users interact with your site. Our reporting frameworks determine how site objectives are being met and provide solutions for tagging and tracking value.


Our services are built upon a foundational data infrastructure we call AMP (Audience Management Platform). AMP enables you to identify high-value audiences, syndicate them across all addressable channels, and demonstrate impact through closed loop measurement.


We aspire to be the most outcome-driven agency in the world. How do we do this? With the help of our proprietary toolset. Altogether, these tools offer you a unique, singular, closed-loop, consumer-centric view of the entire marketing ecosystem.

Our methodology isn’t the templated, generic approach so common in the market. Instead, we put our proprietary tools into the hands of seasoned analysts and specialists who are able to propel tool-based outcomes to achieve their highest value and impact. Our proprietary tools include:

  • Search Experience Audit (SXA): Auditing
  • Connections, Research
  • AMP, Audiences
  • RARE, Consumer Journey
  • matrix, Cross-Channel Planning
  • HEART, Total Emotional Listening
  • encore+, Performance
  • bgenius, Feed Management
  • Buying and Measurement