"The latest search innovations from Google Marketing Live 2018"

By David Thai, VP, Paid Search

Summer. It’s the time of year when most of us look forward to hot days, warm nights and, if you’re a Search Marketer, the annual Google Marketing Live event. This invitation-only event gives Google’s clients and partners a first look at the latest product and platform innovations, providing insight into the latest trends that are shaping the industry. Reprise was in San Jose and below are some of the key takeaways.


Three new optimization features were announced that allow for more flexibility in our video strategy recommendations.

  • TrueView for Reach: A simple CPM-based campaign that can deliver attentive and efficient reach at scale. This tactic would be great for large brand advertisers, where the primary goal is to drive awareness.
  • TrueView for Action: An in-app experience where users can submit their information directly within YouTube (name, phone and e-mail). For clients focused on capturing leads, this could be an effective way to break into video advertising or target new audiences.
  • TrueView for Impact: Ideally for CPG and Retail clients where brand consideration is the objective, this dynamic bid optimization factors in user behavior and context to find consumers when they are most receptive. Only a budget is needed, Machine Learning (ML) will handle the rest.


Automation and simpler experiences were two major themes throughout the event, tying back to Google’s recent rebranding announcement. While adding to the already complex arsenal, these new products will drive further value for our clients.

  • Responsive Search Ads: This new text format allows ML to adapt and optimize multiple Headlines and Descriptions to deliver the most relevant message combination to customers. Early adopters will be rewarded with a potential text ad that will have three Headlines showing as opposed to the standard two, giving them a competitive edge.
  • Hotel Ads: For those with Hospitality clients, it’s time to celebrate! Hotel Ads will now be a dedicated campaign type, joining the existing list of Search/Shopping/Video/App/Display. This will make things much easier in terms of execution, analyses and reporting.
  • Goals for Shopping: Store visits and customer acquisition will be additional performance goals available to measure and optimize against for Shopping campaigns. While revenue may be a primary goal, these new options give us a more holistic view of performance insights. Having the additional KPIs to integrate with the ML “goal-optimized” Shopping campaigns will surely lead to smarter and more effective management.


For clients using Google Analytics, it’s a no-brainer to link the property to their Google Ads accounts. Not only can site metrics and goal conversion data be imported, but cross-channel/device audiences can be created and utilized as well.

  • Cross-device reporting and remarketing: A new setting that grants access to Google’s understanding of signed-in device behavior. Additional reports will be available that show key metrics segmented by acquisition channels and different device paths. Furthermore, the ability to remarket users across all of their logged in devices on Search and Display will be available.

Whether it be automation and use of ML to execute more efficient campaigns or having access to new metrics and goals, there’s something for every advertiser or client to consider. With all the buzz surrounding Social and eRetail advertising, Search continues to prove itself as an important investment, especially with the ongoing evolution of its products and insights from our key partners. Until next year, get your Search on!