In India, parents are still uncomfortable talking with their kids about sex. With 9.1 million searches happening around ‘sex’ every month, Durex understood that while people could search for answers to sex-related issues in different places, they could not find credible answers all in one place. The idea was to create content that was written the way users think, in language they would understand and in the place they were most comfortable in. The goal was to not only effect real change in how young Indians educate themselves about safer sex, but also create a larger behavioral shift in Indian youth’s perception of sex.


The brand launched Rexbot, an intuitive chatbot that was accessible to consumers via a private and secure chat window in Facebook Messenger. With consumer engagement as the main objective, Rexbot was crafted keeping the new age consumer in mind and catered to both men and women. Developed after researching the top sex related search topics and keywords, Rexbot became a credible, yet conversational chatbot that had an underlying thread of gentle humor.


100K Unique users

4K Daily active users

6M Messages exchanged