Remaking an iconic logo with an unsung hero to honor women



The Other Sanders


In 2018, global aspirations for gender equality have never been stronger. However, in a conservative country like Malaysia, traditional gender roles remain firmly entrenched. With KFC being one of Malaysia’s most beloved brands and with more than 57% of KFC employees in Malaysia being women, our challenge was to join the voices of change without paying lip service or courting controversy.


We looked to the brand story itself to find the perfect symbol to honor the important contributions women make every day. On International Women’s Day we replaced the Colonel’s face on the KFC logo with his wife’s, Claudia Sanders, across KFC’s multiple touchpoints in the market. We shared her story as the unsung hero of KFC’s success and the world took notice. In the end, it was a simple logo take over. But it allowed a conservative country like Malaysia to celebrate our fairer, better, stronger selves.


1.3 Billion Media Impression

Only Spent $1,000 on Media but Gained $2MM Worth of Earned Media

Campaign was Picked up by Global Media Outlets Including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen DeGeneres Show


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