Retelling Stonleigh's history through immersive experiences


Stoneleigh Wines

The Stoneleigh Hotel


Stoneleigh wanted to use its history and unique winemaking process to change its perception in the marketplace, and assert itself as a bold, ambitious brand.


Before launching the campaign, we built awareness by promoting OOH across Australia. We then invited guests to check into The Stoneleigh Hotel — a sensory wine-tasting experience to discover the story of Stoneleigh. As guests explored each room, we brought to life the tasting notes of various Stoneleigh wine. Stoneleigh’s brand story came to life online, with content to show its origin story — giving its audience and the media something to talk about. We created exclusive events, including hosting the most intimate and memorable event of all: a wedding.


5K+ People visited the hotel

12MM People reached

8%-12% Increase in
brand preference